LibThree Beta 7 released

Glad to announce that beta 7 is out! Again, nothing major, just better performance and usability.

[New features]
 * Scene revisions, used to save multiple backups during the workflow with ability to restore previous states.
 * Support for animated textures via image sequences or multi-frame gif, tiff and apng.
[Modified features]
 * Faster playback speed for animated scenes due optimizations.
 * Option to use OpenSubdiv for animated geometry in the photoreal engine (previously only static geometry was supported). 
 * Render boost now turns on automatically the stream render engine, which is faster for previz.
 * Support the toon material with the stream render engine.
 * Added reflection amount texture to the toon material.
 * Option for manual specular highlight and to rotate the highlights in the toon material.
 * Added "Visible in Bloom" option to the geometry.
 * Added an option to apply gaussian blur to bitmap textures.
 * The directional light now supports texturing.
 * Added bloom threshold and changed how the bloom strength works.
 * More keyboard shortcuts - isolate select, invert selection, flip horizontally.
 * Ability to switch the time units between frames and seconds in the UI
 * Wildcards search in the scene hierarchy view. Added icons for different object types.
 * Ability to link the hierarchy view with the viewport selection similar to other CC software.
 * Added color offset invert option to the textures.
[Bug fixes]
 * When overwrite output is off, skip rendering. The output placeholders option now works. This allows rendering animation sequence on multiple machines.
 * Fixed saving of render output channels with the realtime renderer, when MSAA > 1 or render resolution is not 1.
 * Fixed darker color with the toon material.
 * Fixed rim lighting of the toon material not visible in reflections.
 * The toon material now generates shadow render output.
 * Fixed wrong backplate image rendering with the realtime engine.
 * Fixed issues with the matte material render output.
 * The texture offset/scale/rotation was ignored when used with lights.
 * Fixed the premultiplied alpha output option. If "preserve" or "premultiplied alpha" is requested, enable automatically the opacity render output, so the alpha is correctly filled. 
 * Fixed issues with subdivision of skeletal deformation.
 * Fixed shadow maps lacking one frame with skeletal deformation.
 * Fixed emission textures not working with the advanced material.


LibThree 1.0 Beta 7 for x64 27 MB
Jun 03, 2019
LibThree 1.0 Beta 7 for x86 22 MB
Jun 03, 2019

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