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Hello guys,

I'm happy to announce here on itch new tool which is a blend between ACDSee and Keyshot. It's main goal is to organize and visualize your 3d assets. However, it also has a lot of the features you can find in production renderers, so it's a viable option for production design. If you want more technical information, you can find it here: The main goal of this tool is to not require advanced knowledge and still produce great results. Help me with feedback, what you expect from such tool. Does it have place in your work as a developer or just 3d enthusiast, what you would like to see.

Artwork: Motorcycle Selena created by Artem Tayurskii


LibThree core application for x86 21 MB
Apr 03, 2019
LibThree core application for x64 26 MB
Apr 03, 2019
Optional textures for the built-in materials 229 MB
Apr 03, 2019
Optional real-time Optix denoiser 172 MB
Apr 03, 2019
Optional CAD formats support via OpenCASCADE 9 MB
Apr 03, 2019
Optional Blender addon 95 kB
Apr 03, 2019

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